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Answers to frequently asked questions about Casa Todo Bien and vacationing in Punta Mita, Mexico

Q- We hear a lot of negative publicity about going to Mexico. Is it safe to travel and stay in Punta Mita?
A- What you are hearing about is the violence in Mexico associated with drug cartels at the border towns. When traveling to Punta Mita, you fly 1500 miles south of the border to Puerto Vallarta International Airport and then take a car 29 miles to Punta Mita. Our home is in a very private exclusive resort community next to the Four Seasons, St. Regis and other world famous resorts. Outside our gates, the town of Punta Mita is a charming fishing village with wonderful local restaurants and friendly citizens.

Q- How safe is the water at the house?
A- Safe and delicious. We have a whole-house water filtration system. You can drink out of every shower/sink in the house. We have never had one complaint regarding the water!

Q- How do we get from the airport to Casa Todo Bien?
A- Our concierge, Giovanni, will arrange for a shuttle to pick you up from the airport. When you arrive, there will be a personal driver waiting for you with a sign that says "Casa Todo Bien"

Q- What else do we have to pay for in addition to the nightly rate?
A- You will pay for the cost of whatever food and drinks you order and a small delivery surcharge. The chef, houseman, maids, and the concierge are included in the nightly rate.

Q- What is appropriate for tipping?
A- I do get asked a lot what I recommend. My suggestion has been $35.00 per day for the chef and the houseman, and $15.00 per day for the maids and the concierge. But it is completely up to each group, and how impressed they are with the service.

Q- Is babysitting available?
A- Yes, Giovanni can arrange well-qualified baby sitting for a reasonable fee.

Q- Can we have a private massage at Casa Todo Bien?
A- Yes, Giovanni can arrange a masseuse to come to the house for a much more reasonable price than the Four Seasons, or St. Regis hotels!

Q- Do we have to pay for the use of any of the "toys" at CTB?
A- No. it is all part of the nightly rate. We supply lots of water toys including 15 surfboards, 2 kayaks, several boogie boards, 3 SUPs, ping pong table, pool table, etc...

Q- Can we watch movies at CTB?
A- Yes, we have a hard drive loaded with about 40 to 50 movies that are accessible from any one of the 8 flat screen TVs. Or you can rent a movie or TV show through ITunes on one of our 8 Apple TVs. All you need is your ITunes ID and password. Be aware that it can take up to 2 hours to download a movie, so you need to plan ahead!

Q- Do you have wireless internet?
A- Yes, the staff will give you the password.

Q- Do we have access to the facilities within the gates of Punta Mita?
A- Yes. As our guest, you have access to world class golf courses, tennis, and the gym. If you are interested, Giovanni will get you all the information you need regarding booking and fees.

Q- In the case of a medical emergency, is there a medic available?
A- Yes, there is a medical center inside the gates of Punta Mita. It is staffed with a licensed doctor that is shared by the residents, the Four Seasons and St. Regis. You have the option of going to them about a mile down the road, or they will come to you! They have basic meds and a Pharmacia is never far away.

Q- How is the surfing?
A- There are several places to surf in the Punta Mita area. There is a fun beach break right in front of Casa Todo Bien called "Palmitas." There is also a reef break that breaks almost every day that can be surfed on a kayak, SUP, or a surfboard. There is another famous surf break 200 yards down the beach to the south called "La Lancha" which is a very good wave that is fun for all levels!

Q- What if I have more questions either before or after we arrive?

A – Every guest that has stayed at Casa Todo Bien has left extremely happy. But until you stay, there are always many questions that are very understandable. So ask us! Email or call me before you book. Once you make your reservation, Giovanni is there for you. You will find him to be a very knowledgeable and accommodating professional. He will ensure your time at Casa Todo Bien is a truly wonderful experience.

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